Indiana Broadcast History Archive

For over a century, Hoosiers have turned to their local broadcast stations for information, entertainment, area events, as well as news about their community, their state and the world. The Indiana Broadcast History Archive is collecting and sharing that history so future generations will understand the importance of Indiana’s television and radio stations.

We have been watching and listening to Indiana’s television and radio stations all of our lives. Unfortunately, not much of that history has been saved. The Indiana Broadcast History Archive is designed to not only collect and preserve that history, but also to tell the stories of the people, stations, companies and events involved in Indiana broadcasting. The IBHA also connects to other archives, libraries, museums that include our state’s broadcast history.

The IBHA website has been designed to allow you to choose your experience. We make every effort to digitize our collections and provide it to you while also adhering to copyright laws that limit what we can publish on the internet. See Full Access for more information on availability.

You can browse our list of stations, people, and communities or just do an overall search at the top of the page. Our Project section include posts by students and volunteers that dig into a specific topic related to Indiana broadcasting, or radio and television history in general.

The IBHA will work best as a crowdsourced site. We have already created more than a hundred individual entries about people and stations, but you can help us make it stronger. If you see a mistake, please contact us. If you would like to volunteer your time and expertise, donate an archive, or help us with a monetary gift, see our How to Help page.


Stories about Indiana broadcast history from students and volunteers. See our Projects page if you would like to help us research and pass along stories about the people, stations, and events involved in our television and radio stations.

A 1979 novelty 45-rpm record that celebrated Larry Bird's historic basketball career at Indiana State University also includes a short piece of Indiana sports broadcast history. When you listen to the song, you'll hear the end of an ISU game that season that almost derailed the magical season. The moment involves a legendary Indiana sports […]

Jeff Morris "Sundog", Chief Engineer and a founding member of WFHB Community Radio, shares the history of the station in Bloomington, Indiana.